Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Application Settings: It’s now easier than ever to get to your Application settings from your admin panel. Navigate to Manage > Events/Groups/Jobs/Campaigns and see a new Settings button … Read More

Canva for Associations

I think you’ll agree with me. If you’re not a professional designer, trying to create graphics for online marketing can take up time you just don’t have. That’s why I think Canva will become an essential tool in your association’s marketing toolkit. Canva is an online tool used by millions to create graphics for anything … Read More

Calendly for Associations

Save time and sanity with Calendly What’s worse than back and forth emails trying to find a time for a call/meeting? Not a whole lot. At SilkStart we started using Calendly to try and reduce the time and effort spent finding a mutually agreeable “time”. The results were staggering. We quickly learned that the majority … Read More

SilkStart Selected as Finalist for 16th Annual VIATEC Technology Awards

April 12th, 2017 (Victoria, BC) – SilkStart, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Membership Management Platform, is excited to announce our selection as a finalist for the 16th Annual VIATEC Technology Awards in the category of Technology Company of the Year (1-10 employees). VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council) announced 48 finalists in 12 award … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Generate Upcoming Invoices: Be even more specific when sending upcoming invoices for memberships. When generating upcoming invoices, you may now select one or more membership types that … Read More

Leverage this tool to transform your association marketing

I think you’ll agree with me, it’s a constant struggle to engage your blog readers with new and interesting content. Even if you come up with a great blog idea, nail the length and formatting, and create a catchy title, there is no guarantee that your post will attract a large readership. I was recently … Read More

2017 Association Cyber Security Best Practices

Whether we like it or not, passwords are a part of our daily lives and the number of nefarious characters trying to get your data in 2017 will grow and threaten association cyber security.  Cybersecurity is a part of our daily lives, with most people creating passwords using their birthday or their pet’s name. When … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Invoices: Charge for multiple items when editing your invoice. Add unique prices, descriptions, and tax rates for each line item that you add. Tax Receipts: When your … Read More

Simple Tips for a Better Email Campaign

SilkStart’s email campaign tool lets you effortlessly communicate with all of your members at once, or a specific segment. Easily design a message to promote your next event, keep members up-to-date, increase online engagement, and more using our tips below! Optimize Deliverability We recognize email deliverability as a top priority for organizations, and provide each … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Scheduled Emails: Our beta of this feature was so successful that Scheduled Emails are now available to everyone! Set the delivery of Email Campaigns for any date … Read More

Easy Ways to Add Value to Memberships: Pt. 1

How do you attract and retain the attention of newcomers in your industry? How do you convert event guests into paying members? The answers are in the value of your membership. Simply put, it’s how you convince new members to join your association, and ensure existing members continue to renew. As an integrated membership management … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Email History: Easily determine the status of all emails sent to an individual in your database through their admin panel profile. Selective Directory Listings: Restrict any plan … Read More

A Directory Your Members Will Actually Use

Your member directory should be more than just a list of names. Leverage SilkStart’s built-in directory application as an engaging online resource and empower your members with the tools they need to build relationships, further their careers, and learn from others in your database. At SilkStart, we recognize that every association is unique, which is … Read More

Release Notes

Scheduled Emails: Deliver your Group Emails at any date and time – even when you’re away from the computer. Create your email and then schedule it to be sent in the future. Contact us to try this beta feature! Anchored Navigation Bar: Give your website a new modern look with an anchored navigation bar. As you scroll down … Read More

How to Engage your Members Online

Your membership management software can make it easy to offer engaging and accessible content that keeps your members involved online. After a member has joined your association, welcome them into your online community with opportunities to learn, contribute, and collaborate using SilkStart’s built-in applications. Ensuring your members are able to interact with your association’s web … Read More

Volunteer Management & Onboarding Best Practices

Volunteers are integral to the success of most association-hosted events. However, it can be time consuming to get your volunteers up-to-speed, monitor them, and collect their feedback. Que the hair-pulling. At SilkStart, I’m part of a team that onboards single and multi-chapter organizations on our Association Management Software in the most efficient manner possible. Using … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Member Directory: It’s now even easier to find members in your directory. Website visitors can use a number of additional criteria including State/Province, City, and Zip … Read More

Board Elections in SilkStart

Whether you’re holding a vote for new board members or just a policy change, you can use SilkStart’s built-in Groups feature to facilitate board elections or tally poll results – a great example of how our member management software helps you conduct all of your association’s activities in one place. SilkStart lets you create Groups … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Non-Member Event Attendees Leverage your event attendee information in a whole new way. When a non-member purchases an event ticket, they are now added to your database … Read More

Connecting with Associations at ASAE

We recently had the opportunity to exhibit at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) annual tradeshow. It was our first major trade show in the US having previously only attended the Canadian version, the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), a year earlier. We received an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who stopped by … Read More

Why SilkStart?

We know switching software providers can be painful so we created this post to help you quickly and easily decide why you should use SilkStart. To help make the decision making process easier for you, we took some insights from a Capterra survey. In it, Capterra surveyed associations to determine a) the top things associations … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Admin Notifications You might not want all of your SilkStart admins to receive every email notification. We’ve given you the ability to set which admins receive … Read More

Share resources across your multi-chapter association

Associations come in all shapes and sizes. In a multi-chapter association, each chapter focusses their efforts locally, while the parent organization steers everyone towards association-wide alignment. However it’s often all too easy for these interests to work against each other. At SilkStart, I sometimes refer to these associations as octopus associations. The top level of … Read More

Get friendly with your data

Member data is inherently difficult. Whether you’re entering, updating or just trying to find it, the process of managing data is sure to be frustrating. Stop stressing about your data and focus on improving your association with these four quick tips: Document Document your processes to ensure everyone is aligned and comfortable when managing your … Read More

Release Notes

Each month we like to release an update on the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched in June. Profile Custom Fields Do you collect information from your members through custom fields? Display these fields directly on the member’s directory profile. For example, if you … Read More

Designing for Simplicity: The New SilkStart Website

We set out to redefine SilkStart, to show how easy member management can be. We ended up with what we consider to be a spectacular new website. Today millions of associations exists globally. From small and local, to large multinationals, associations connect people to help promote and create change. Although technology has been advancing at … Read More

SilkStart named to Metabridge Top 15 and VIATEC Tectorian of the Week

This past week, SilkStart, alongside other Victoria-based technology companies Flytographer and RingPartner, headed to Kelowna, BC to participate in the annual Metabridge conference. All three companies were selected as part of the Metabridge Top 15 and were also named as Viatec’s (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council) Tectorian’s of the Week, a weekly acknowledgment … Read More

5 effortless ways to help your members stand out

Creating a successful member-based association requires creating something valuable for your members, usually through connecting your members to one another.

Why is email deliverability important?

Email is a critical part of running your association and delivering benefits to your members. Your members rely on emails to keep their membership dues up to date, find out about upcoming events, receive and store receipts, and more.

Top 5 challenges multi-chapter organizations experience

Multi-chapter organizations have unique challenges. So unique that there are very few solutions in the market that can support them. Find out how SilkStart supports multi-chapter.

Boost productivity in your association with online conferencing tools

Learn about online conferencing tools that help facilitate long-distance business relationships.

Transitioning your association from offline to online

Here at SilkStart, we often work with organizations who are taking their membership signup and renewal online for the first time. They’re finally ready to part ways with a downloadable PDF that needs to be printed, filled out, scanned and emailed back – or even mailed in. It’s great to see organizations ready to take this leap, but in 2016, it’s still surprising that many are not making this change.

SilkStart Team Page – Video & Infographic

Introducing the SilkStart Team Page: I’m excited to announce that SilkStart has just launched a dynamic and configurable team page that existing and new customers may use. Showcase your
internal team, board of directors, or advisors on your SilkStart website using the team application page.

Kickstart your Association’s Social Presence

There’s nothing new to say about Social Media. It’s here, it’s important and your association needs to have a social presence or runs the risk of looking outdated and irrelevant – the exact opposite of what most associations are trying to convey. I don’t want to rehash why social media is important. Instead, I want … Read More

How associations and nonprofits can leverage Slack to reduce email and improve internal communication

Use Slack software to make your association’s communications more efficient.

SilkStart Named one of Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular Membership Management Software Companies

Capterra Inc., the leading resource for business and nonprofit software solutions, announced that SilkStart Technology Inc. has been named one of the top 20 most popular membership management software companies. Offering one of the most comprehensive lists of online software solutions, Capterra matches member-based associations and non-profits with software that manages their website, members, events, and … Read More

New tools from SilkStart and Facebook help nonprofits collect donations

Here at SilkStart we’re working on improving our donation tools as we grow our business and work with more associations that want to collect donations through their websites. As part of our research, we looked at other products in the market to ensure the tools we build meet the need of our customers. We’ve defined … Read More

Top 3 Association Pain Points

We asked Association Executives at the CSAE annual convention about the top three pain points for their association. Here is what we learned. On Oct 29 SilkStart had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) annual conference in Calgary, AB. The event (acknowledged as the flagship education and networking opportunity for Canada’s associations) … Read More

Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) names SilkStart Technology one of Canada’s 20 Most Innovative Technology Companies

This morning, the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) announced the 2015 list of Canada’s 20 Most Innovative Technology Companies. The announcement was made during the opening of the Toronto Stock Market, with this year’s list containing some of Canada’s hottest and high-performing technology companies. The CIX Top 20 is a list of Canada’s most innovative technology companies, … Read More

How Associations can learn from a Tech Giant: 6 Simple Steps to Become A Customer Obsessed Association

In thinking about what to write about in my first SilkStart blog post I brainstormed several topics from product features, to tools we use, to thought leadership. I then asked myself what the most important thing was in our business? Well, it’s the customer, and more specifically, it’s our customer’s customer. So let’s start there. … Read More

Viatec’s Tectorian of the Week

Tessa Bousfield of the Victoria Island Technology Council (VIATEC) reports on SilkStart as the Viatec Tectorian of the Week. See her post below.   Silkstart helps member-based associations manage their web presence, events, members, job board and calendars by creating modern, affordable and custom platforms. They’ve been very busy since forming in 2011. Shaun Jamieson, CEO of Silkstart, … Read More

There’s more to Google’s Algorithm Update than just having a responsively-designed website – here’s what else you can do

It’s no secret your association’s website needs to cater to your current members, but how will prospective members find out about your association? The “mobilegeddon” triggered by Google’s announcement of changes to its mobile search rankings algorithm may have opened your eyes to the importance of a responsively-designed website, but your association’s site might still … Read More

SilkStart CEO Shaun Jamieson explains how listening to your customers can lead to the unexpected.

SilkStart CEO Shaun Jamieson sat down for a one-on-one interview with Betakit’s Douglas Soltys to announce our $550,000 oversubscribed seed round and how listening to the customer has driven the direction of the company. Find the interview here or listen to it below.

SilkStart raises $550K Seed Round

PRESS RELEASE   Canadian Start-up SilkStart Technology Inc. Announces Seed Financing SilkStart Technology Inc., a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, recently announced it has raised an oversubscribed $550K Seed Round. Silkstart is funded by, a mobile focussed accelerator, and a group of US and Canadian angel investors. Originally founded in Vancouver, the company now has offices in Victoria and Toronto. … Read More

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