SilkStart Association Management Software

Our Story

Our Founders launched SilkStart in 2010 to provide smaller associations and nonprofits with a better solution for handling the complexity of running their organization. Rather than use multiple pieces of software, we've created one connected software platform. The team and and the product have evolved since then, but the mission is the same - to evolve the way software solutions are designed for, and integrated with, associations.

Think of SilkStart as part WordPress, part Salesforce, part Mailchimp, and part Eventbrite, all in one. With SilkStart, associations don't need to piece together several applications. Instead, SilkStart creates a seamless integration between components through one connected platform. This makes the complexity of running an association much easier, allowing associations to focus on what's most important - providing value to their members.

Our People

The faces and minds behind SilkStart

Shaun Jamieson
Jamie Starke
Lead Developer
Paul Goertzen - Victoria BC - Web Developer
Paul Goertzen
Lead UI Developer
Tom Gogela
Business Development
Aaron Brook
Account Manager
Michael Coughlin

Careers @ SilkStart

Why it pays to work here

Grow, Build, Succeed

SilkStart is a quickly growing startup in Victoria, British Columbia. We are creating organizational software for managing member organizations, and are wrangling our way to the front of the pack. We are committed to using up-to-date technology and innovating whenever possible.

We offer a lot of autonomy, a great team atmosphere with very friendly people, and while we do work hard, we have sane working hours. The benefits are excellent, the location couldn't be better (right downtown!), and opportunities to learn abound.

We look primarily for two qualities: attitude and intelligence. If you think you've got those, and are interested in working with us, feel free to get in touch. Email